Relationship Counseling

  • Are you a couple in trouble? Has the spark dimmed in your relationship? Are you hurting, unhappy, or just ho-hum? Take heart.

    It IS possible to reunite with your partner, rekindle the love in your relationship and reignite the passion you used to enjoy. If something's not right between you and your partner- whether it's a temporary glitch or a serious, ongoing struggle- don't hesitate to get help. Alexa Elkington has helped hundreds of couples just like you, and she's ready to help you, too! Whether you need couples counseling or need to start with individual counseling, Alexa is there for you.

    Sometimes couples in pain put off calling a counselor, hoping to fix things themselves or- better yet- that the problem will simply disappear on its own.

    That rarely happens. The longer you wait, the tougher it can be to make a change. Even if you're still dating or engaged or you're newlyweds and haven't experienced any serious problems, couples counseling can equip you with the tools and strategies you need to avoid trouble down the road.

    If you live in the greater Las Vegas area, call Alexa today and take the first step on the way to falling in love all over again. To find out more about how couples counseling can help your relationship, take the Relationship Quiz.

    Individual Counseling

    Sometimes life simply doesn' t work the way we want it to. Sure, there are some circumstances that are beyond our control. But we' re not helpless. There are steps we can take and things we can do to invite more joy, satisfaction, and pleasure into our lives. We just need to know what those steps are.

    A highly trained and experienced counselor like Alexa Elkington can help you discover the path to your best life possible- a life that you can more fully enjoy and appreciate, as the sort of person you want to be, with the sort of people you want to be with!

    To find out more about how you can benefit from personal counseling, take the Self Assessment Quiz. Don' t spend one minute longer feeling sad, stuck, or hopeless. Call Alexa today! The next step is up to you.


    A licensed individual and couples therapist, Alexa's areas of expertise include:

    *Couples Therapy

    *Sexual Issues

    *Life Transitions: marriage, divorce, empty nest, etc.

    *Life Coaching

    *Life coaching


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